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“Painters of our time” | Watch the PIPA Prize exclusive video

Characterized by a time of production and consumption that seems in complete disagreement with the speed of images today, how—and most important, why—does painting survive? The question guides the exclusive PIPA Prize video “Painters of Our Time”, which sets up to interview contemporary painters (and former PIPA nominees) Daniel Lannes, Éder Roolt, Fábio Baroli and Gabriel Gucci. Asides from the many reasons they give for the technique’s survival, these painters make us believe that maybe we are asking the wrong question; maybe we should, instead, be asking “why not paint today”?


Strong Latin American presence in this year’s ARCOmadrid, which runs until Sunday

(Madrid, Spain) The 36th edition of ARCOmadrid started on Wednesday and, as usual, Latin American presence is strong: 41 out of 200 galleries—or half of all international attendance in the fair—are from Latin American countries. The high number is partially due to Argentina’s special participation as guest country in this year’s fair, but Brazil, too, has a notable presence: 11 Brazilian galleries participate in this edition of ARCOmadrid.


Adriano Amaral presents his first institutional solo show in the Netherlands, “Alloy Alloy”

(Middelburg, Netherlands) Adriano Amaral’s first institutional solo presentation in the Netherlands begins this Saturday, February 25th, at Vleeshal Zusterstraat. Titled “Alloy Alloy”—here doubled, the word means a mixture of metals, or a metal made by bonding metal with another element, in the scientific jargon—the exhibition creates similarly unexpected fusions between humans, materials and architecture.


“Minor history” guides new solo show by Tamar Guimarães and Kasper Akhøj

(Buffalo, USA) For artists Kasper Akhøj and Tamar Guimarães (the latter, a six-times PIPA Prize nominee), the kind of history that matters the most is “minor history”— historical footnotes and rumors that are not always cited in official historiography. The interest guides their work in progress “Studies for a Minor History of Trembling Matter”, which premiered in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery last Saturday, February 18th.

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