Adriano Amaral presents his first institutional solo show in the Netherlands, “Alloy Alloy”

(Middelburg, Netherlands)

Adriano Amaral’s first institutional solo presentation in the Netherlands begins this Saturday, February 25th, at Vleeshal Zusterstraat. Titled “Alloy Alloy”—here doubled, the word means a mixture of metals, or a metal made by bonding metal with another element, in the scientific jargon—the exhibition creates similarly unexpected fusions between humans, materials and architecture.

The show resumes, hence, this PIPA Prize 2015 nominee´s in-depth examination of the nature of things that surround us. In his work, various materials and states of matter intermingle. Natural elements such as water, light, air and coal encounter artificial products like silicone, clothing, aluminium, machine fragments and concrete. These contrasting materials and substances are often employed to evoke connections with, or act as stand-ins for, parts of the human body.

Also the doubling present in the title is not coincidental, being observable in many of the sculpture pairings on view. Constructed from diverse materials including shoes, bones, oxygen cylinders and ultra-sound gel, these sculptures also respond to our own sets of pairs—two arms, two legs, two feet.

“Alloy Alloy”—which was displayed at Bielefelder Kunstverein in Bielefeld, Germany, last year, although in another form—is on view at Vleeshal Zusterstraat until May 14th this year.

“Alloy Alloy”, solo show by Adriano Amaral
Curated by Roos Gortzak
On view from February 26th to May 14th, 2017
Opening: February 25 2017, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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