“Painters of our time” | Watch the PIPA Prize exclusive video

A number of technological revolutions have happened in the last few years, and the art field is certainly not one to deny them: every day, art is more involved with the digital, real-time, ultra-connected world. But where does painting stand in that scenario? Characterized by a time of production and consumption that seems in complete disagreement with the speed of images today, how—and most importantly, why—does it survive?

The question guides the exclusive PIPA Prize video “Painters of Our Time”, which interviews contemporary painters (and former PIPA nominees) Daniel Lannes, Éder Roolt, Fábio Baroli and Gabriel Giucci. Asides from the many reasons they give for the technique’s survival—ranging from its ability to “freeze” time to how it allows for unique personal expression—these painters make us believe that maybe we are asking the wrong question; maybe we should, instead, be asking “why not paint today?”.

Watch below “Painters of Our Time”, a PIPA Prize exclusive video:

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