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Paulo Nazareth (literally) walks to artistic residency in New York as part of his PIPA Prize 2016 award

(New York, USA) It took Paulo Nazareth six and a half months, almost 500 miles and losing 15 pounds to get to New York. The Herculean effort was part of the “Notícias de América” project, which, developed in 2011 by the winner of the last edition of PIPA Prize, consisted in going, by foot or hitchhiking, from Belo Horizonte all the way to the Big Apple. Six years later, the artist plans on crossing once more the Mexican border, this time to take part in a PIPA Prize-granted residency at Residency Unlimited, New York.


Carla Zaccagnini participates in collaborative project in Denmark

(Copenhagen, Denmark) PIPA Prize 2012 nominee Carla Zaccagnini and writer Santiago García Navarro’s new exhibition “I am also stepping on wet sand” explores the cultural life and legacy of Mar del Plata and Skagen in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The project developed into being mainly about erratic encounters at a distance and the failure of communication. The show combines their thoughts into a representational ecology of experience, moving forward as a cognitive collaboration between regions, space, and time.

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