Leticia Ramos and Felipe Meres open solo shows in São Paulo

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Two PIPA Prize nominees open, today, solo shows at Mendes Wood DM, in São Paulo. Finalist in 2015, Leticia Ramos presents “Planisphere”, in which she plays with the nature of the photographic image. Taking part in the award for the second time this year, Felipe Meres, inaugurates “The Telomeric Cuts”, which parts from a series of micrographs representing the process of cutting and regenerating hermaphroditic planarian flatworms.

The nature of these two artists’ works couldn’t be more different from each other. They do share, however, one link: their relation to science. While Meres literally takes a scientific experiment as his departing point, a one-year project that entailed daily care and observation of planarians’ sexual and asexual regenerative patterns at Columbia University, Ramos asks in her series the same questions that have guided science (and scientific fiction) throughout the years: the origin of the Earth and of life.

Asides from the two exhibitions, Mendes Wood DM also opens a third solo show tonight: “True Myths”, by Julie Beaufils. The three are on view until the end of July in the gallery.

“Planisphere”, by Leticia Ramos, and “The Telomeric Cuts”, by Felipe Meres
On view from May 25th through July 29th

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