New artist pages added to the PIPA Prize website

The artists who run for PIPA Prize 2017 have already started to send us material to compose their pages on our website. In total, 56 artists participate in the eighth edition of the award, 32 of them for the first time. Meet some of the works and careers of nine of them – Alexandre Canonico, Ana PrataAna Luisa SantosAndré RicardoAntonio ObáBruno Cançado, Christus NóbregaDaniel Jablonski and Eleonora Fabião, respectively – in the links below:

See below some of the new PIPA Prize 2017 participating artists’ pages:
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Alexandre Canonico – Canonico has filled his page with images of ten of his works, besides a complete resumé and a personal statement explaining the influences and interests behind his production. “My practice is strongly influenced by the logic and aesthetics from architectural designs and geometric abstractions,”, he says.

Ana Prata – Prata has added 18 artwork images to her page, asides from an extensive clipping featuring interviews and newspaper pieces that have been published about her in the press. Her production revolves around childish motifs and universal symbols, often creating a link with modern art in its attempt to build a pictorial alphabet.

– Ana Luisa Santos – Santos has sent in 13 photos, two videos and a personal statement about her work as a performer, her prime medium of expression. “Although I can share the work through my photographic and video records, my primary objective is to perform actions, provoke occurrences, in which me and other people are engaged in co-presence, in the process of a common dynamics of time and space,” she explains.

– André Ricardo – His page gathers 21 artworks images, biography, curriculum, three critical essays by, respectively, Ana Gonçalves Magalhães, Ana Avelar e Cadu Riccioppo, and a clipping featuring a 2016 news piece published at Estadão. The painter often tries to encapsulate, through color, elements of urban space.

Antonio Obá – Displays images of ten artworks, complete resumé, biography and a critical essay by Cinara Barbosa. His ouevre proposes an intimate reflection about his black, miscegenated, marginalized body and the narratives introduced by it.

Bruno Cançado – The Minas-born artist decided to solely feature in his page photographic reproductions of his works – mostly exhibition views, once Cançado operates mainly with sculpture and its intersection with other languages, such as drawing.

– Christus Nóbrega – Nóbrega has been exploring the imagetic medium in all of its variations and fluid existences: photography, photo-object, video, and computational art. In his page, you can see 27 artwork images, a biography and a critical essay by Cinara Barbosa.

– Daniel Jablonski – The versatile production of this Rio de Janeiro-born artist joins theory and practice as it investigates the role of the subject in the formation of new mythologies and everyday discourses. Jablonski presents in his page 18 images, a biography and a complete resumé.

– Eleonora Fabião – The artist’s page showcases 25 artwork images, two projects, critical essays by Pablo Assumpção B. Costa and Tania Rivera, and a video-interview for the channel Curta!. Eleonora is interested in the poetic and ethics of whatever is strange, precarious or convergent, conducting since 2008 street performances and actions.

Click here to see the complete list of artists who participate in PIPA Prize 2017. We would also like to highlight that artists who have run for the Prize in previous editions too can send in material to update their pages.

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