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Paulo Nazareth discusses his experience in New York in R.U. Talk

(New York, USA) Last month, Paulo Nazareth crossed the United States border to start his three-month stay at Residency Unlimited, New York, as part of his PIPA Prize 2016 award. Now, he discusses his experiences since arriving in “On the Possibility of Dwelling in New York”, conversation between the artist and Claudia Calirman that takes place at Mendes Wood DM New York today.


See the pages of eight PIPA Prize 2017 nominated artists

PIPA Prize 2017 Finalists may have been announced, but the pages of the 56 artists who participate in this edition of the award keep being updated with new images, texts and information on their trajectory. Together, they form a rich panorama of Brazilian Contemporary art.
See the pages of eight of this edition’s nominees in this post.


Pedro Wirz discusses nature and culture in his first solo show in Portugal

(Porto, Portugal) For his first solo show in Portugal, Pedro Wirz presents a series of wall pieces and a sequence of sculptures and plinths at the Múrias Centeno gallery. “Dobrar de Espinho, Anzol” evidentiates how the appreciation of nature tends to happen via cultural, learned patterns – shared experience of language and assimilation –, reminding us the difference between bodily reality and the way we absorb the world.


Laura Lima opens her first solo show in Poland

(Warszawa, Poland) Laura Lima, nominated to PIPA Prize in 2010 and 2011, opens her first solo exhibition in Poland this Friday, June 23rd. Titled “A Room and a Half”, the Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art exhibition invites the visitor to enter a situation that escapes rational logic by blurring the differences between reality and illusion, defying the viewer’s perception and resembling, instead, the logic of dreams or childish fantasy.

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