Guy Veloso uncovers the mysterious world of the ‘Penitents’ at Museo de las Americas

(Denver, Colorado)

Also known as ‘Soul feeders’, or ‘Brothers of Soul’, ‘Penitents” are secret secular groups that, during certain times of the year, go out into the night to pray for the suffering spirits, usually covering their faces with shrouds or hoods. These interesting characters are the protagonists of “Penitents: World End Rituals of Faith,” solo show that photographer and PIPA Prize 2017 nominee Guy Veloso opens in June 22nd at Museo de las Americas.

Religion is a recurring theme in Veloso’s work, in particular “how the body is used as a transcended medium.”  He considers each of his portfolios an anthropological research project with an emphasis in preservation. He was the first researcher to raise the theory that these largely inaccessible and secretive brotherhoods of mystic oral tradition existed across five regions of Brazil.  The following year, he proved and published his theory, having documented 117 groups across the entire country. Alongside the photographs he displays in “Penitents” there are a collection of original objects that Veloso received from the Decurion/Mayordomos, the name given to the heads of the Ordem do Nordeste. Amongst them there are mantles, clappers, amulets, letters, necklaces and statues that belonged to the Brotherhood of Penitentes in Brazil.

In the last week of the exhibition, from September 12nd through the 16th, Museo de Las Americas will be participating in the 2017 Biennial of the Americas. The week-long festival of ideas, arts and culture is one of the most important gathering of top elected, business, NGO and cultural leaders focused on the Western hemisphere, attracting people from over 20 countries across the Americas.

See of the photos showcased by Guy Veloso in “Penitents”:

“Penitents: World End Rituals of Faith”, solo show by Guy Veloso
On view from June 22nd through September 16th, 2017
Opening: Thursday, June 22nd, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Open talk with Guy Veloso, Antonio Esquibel Ph.D, Manuel Salazar and Rick Virgil: Friday, June 23rd, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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