See the pages of eight artists nominated for PIPA Prize 2017

PIPA Prize’s artist pages gathers information on the nominees’ career, images of theirs works, critical texts and interviews. First-time participants send material to create their pages, while those who have participated in other editions can submit new materials and have their pages updated at any time.
In today’s post, we’ll be presenting the pages of eight of the 56 nominated artists for PIPA Prize 2017. They are: Mario Bands, Orlando da Rosa Farya, Paloma Bosquê, Pedro França, Raïssa de Goés, Sofia Borges, Tony Camargo and Ulysses Bôscolo.

Mario Bandsartist, art-educator and communicator, Mario Brands was nominated for PIPA Prize for the first time this year. Known for his urban interventions with graffiti, his artworks are marked by the intense use of geometry and precise lighting, shadowing and colouring techniques. In his page, one can find a critical text and images of his work.

Orlando da Rosa Faryaalso participating in the Prize for the first time, the page of the artist and professor Orlando da Rosa Farya features a curriculum, a number of images and some critical texts.

Paloma BosquêRunning for PIPA Prize for the fourth time this year, Paloma Bosquê investigates materiality, structure and physicality in different medias. The forms of the objects she makes arise thanks to the intimacy she develops with the material she’s working with, and is a response to its presence even before she thinks of its function or its representation. Her page gathers two critical texts, video interviews, clippings, images, a curriculum and a biography.

Pedro França: Nominated twice for PIPA Prize, artist Pedro França works with multiple media, such as drawing, collage, movies and installation. The artists’ page contains 94 images and three critical texts, one of them written by Paulo Miyada, member of the PIPA Prize Nominating Committee in 2016.

Raïssa de GoésAlso twice nominated, Raïssa de Goés’ work researches the relationship between images and words. She has already published three books and keeps an online publication called “algumas ideias de uma pequena criatura” (in a free translation, “some of a little creature’s ideas”). Her page features images and a text of her own.

Sofia BorgesNominated for PIPA Prize for the fourth time this year, Sofia Borges lives and works between São Paulo and Paris. For five years now she has been developing a research in the field of photography. Her page gathers images, curriculum, interviews and video interviews.

Tony CamargoAlso a PIPA Prize veteran, Tony Camargo believes art has the power to transform society. At least that’s what he says in his PIPA Prize 2011 video-interview, which you can check along some artwork images and the curriculum featured in his page.

Ulysses BôscoloPIPA Prize first time participant Ulysses Bôscolo deals with different kind of media, such as metal engravings, woodcuts, paintings, objects and books’ illustrations. His artworks are usually made of or composed by materials found in the streets, buckets and demolition houses, antiquaries and flea markets, amongst other living and historical elements of the city of São Paulo. His page gathers images, critical texts and a biography.

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