See the pages of eight PIPA Prize 2017 nominated artists

PIPA Prize 2017 Finalists have already been announced – you can meet them here– but the pages of the 56 featured artists keep being updated with new images, texts and information on each one’s trajectory. Together, the pages compose a rich panorama of Brazilian Contemporary art.

Meet below the pages of eight of the PIPA Prize 2017 nominees:

Éder Oliveira
One of the four finalists of PIPA Prize 2017, the artist was also nominated in 2015. Although usually developing much of his work in painting, Oliveira deals with multiple media, going from the traditional canvas to site specific art and interventions on other kinds of surfaces. His page features critical texts and publications, in addition to new images of his works.

Fabrício Lopes
Nominated for PIPA Prize in 2010, Fabrício Lopes works with many languages, including woodcut, painting, drawing and video. His page contains images, biography, curriculum, video interviews and 11 critical texts.

Guy Veloso
Participating for the first time in PIPA Prize, the photographer, originally a Law School graduate, puts religion in the centre of his oeuvre, especially the use of the body as a way towards transcendence.

Jorge Luiz Fonseca
Also running for PIPA Prize for the first time this year, Jorge Luiz Fonseca is a self-taught artist. He has worked in many other professions before becoming an artist, like train conductor, carpenter, furniture designer, fashion designer and art educator. His work is deeply inspired by the “richness of the popular folk”, as Fernando Cocchiarale wrote in one of the critical texts on the artist’s page.

Karina Zen
Artist Karina Zen is also a beginner in PIPA Prize. Graduated in Photography by the CPF Bauer, in Milan, she has participated in individual and group exhibitions in and outside Brazil. Her page gathers images of her works and a critical text.

Luísa Nóbrega
Nominated twice for PIPA Prize, artist Luísa Nóbrega works with multiple languages and platforms, usually crossing the boundaries between performance, video, sound and literature, as well as investigating the gray area between the body and the language, biology and culture, voice and identity. She is interested in situations that provoke linguistic aporias, such as ventriloquism, parapsychology and possession.

Marina Camargo
Also twice nominated, Marina Camargo investigates in her works the representation of things or world phenomena, be it through being in direct contact with the places or through found references. Her page contains images, critical texts, curriculum and video interviews.

Virgínia Pinho
Participating for the first time in PIPA Prize, artist Virgínia Pinho holds a Masters Degree in Photography and Film Studies. She develops her work mainly in photography (digital and film), and videos.

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