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An ever-shifting exhibition in search of its author, “Unanimous Night” features 25 artists

(Vilnius, Lithuania) “An exhibition that has always been and will never end; an exhibition that changes its shape throughout space and time; an exhibition that exists both mentally and physically; an exhibition in search for an author”. That is how artist Raimundas Malašauskas defines “Unanimous Night”, group show on view at the Contemporary Art Center (CAC). Amongst the 25 artists who participate in the show, seven are PIPA Prize nominees.


Thank you to all those involved! “Liberation 4.0”, by Daniel Beerstecher, has secured 100% of its funding on Kickstarter

*** Update: Over 75% of the goal already pledged ***
There are 8 days left before the closure of the crowdfunding on Kickstarter and, thanks to the to the audience’s help, Beerstecher has already managed to collect more than two thirds of the estimated value. Anyone can contribute through an investment on Kickstarter. Those who contribute will receive various rewards based on the value with which you choose to support the project. Discover the rewards and read about the project here.

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