Check “Liberation 4.0”, Daniel Beerstecher’s new project, on Kickstarter

Two drones dance in the skies above Rio de Janeiro. Each has a birdcage (with a living bird inside) attached to it. They circle around and fly side by side, taunt each other, bump into each other and find each other once again. But don’t be fooled by the tropical dream this strange pas-de-deux seems to suggest: the cages are there to remind us that, for the birds forced to follow the dance steps, actual freedom is not a possibility.

That’s the summary of “Liberation 4.0”, developed by PIPA Prize 2016 nominee Daniel Beerstecher with PIPA Institute’s initial funding. Complex in its making, the project involves a number of technical and artistic professionals to be produced. Because of that, besides the established partnership with PIPA Institute, the artist also calls on the audience via Kickstarter (click here to see it) to raise the rest of the movie budget. Depending on the value with which you choose to support the project, rewards may go from postcards featuring stills from the video or collages made by Beerstecher to the very drones used on set.

Besides them, those who support the making of the movie also help stimulate an urgent debate: where does free-will stand in a context in which machines are able to communicate directly with each other? “Where in this world of automation and algorithms does the human being ultimately have its place?,” asks the artist.

According to PIPA Institute Curator Luiz Camillo Osorio, “Liberation 4.0 is about a city and a paradox: beauty and horror; liberty and imprisonment; tecnhology, power and destruction.” He continues: “Daniel Beerstecher’s work is always challenging social conventions and dealing with the uncanny. In a very subtle and serene way, his performances and poetical proposals are changing the parameters in which we approach reality.”

It’s also worth noting that the commissioning of works by PIPA Institute is the beginning of its partnership with PIPA Prize nominees to help original art projects come to life.

Click here to know “Liberation 4.0”, project created by PIPA Prize 2016 nominee Daniel Beerstecher.

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