View the pages of seven artists nominated for PIPA Prize 2017

In each edition of the Prize, biographical pages are created for each nominee with materials sent by the artists themselves, containing images of works, critical texts, video interviews, curriculum, etc. Artists who have been nominated in previous editions have their biographical pages updated with new content. The pages contain information on the artistic production and trajectory of the artists, they are also a platform for research and knowledge in the current contemporary Brazilian art scene.

In this post we present the pages of another seven artists, closing the series of post about artists pages. They are: Francisco Magalhães, Romy Pocztaruk, Ricardo Cástro, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, Túlio Pinto, Vicente de Mello e Vijai Patchineelam.

Francisco Magalhães- artist and professor Francisco Magalhães was nominated for PIPA Prize for the first time this year. 2005/2011 he was Director of the Mineiro Museum and carried out actions that had aimed approaching the community to the Museum, thinking of the Institution  as a “territory of contact” between cultures. His page features images, critical texts, biography and curriculum. PIPA Institute team regrets the loss of artist in May of this year. His memory lives in his works and, as a tribute to the artist, we present his artistic career through his page and video interview on the website.

Romy Pocztaruk– Nominated for the second time this year, Romy Pocztaruk creates in her work possible relations from the intersection of different fields and disciplines (such as science and communication) with the art field. Pocztaruk’s page contains images of her works and a brief description of hes artistic career.

Ricardo Cástro– a first time PIPA Prize nominee, Ricardo Cástro develops most of his work on the research of the qualities, formal as much as mystic, of chromatic elements. His interventions often involves the public’s participation and deals with the transformation of architectural, urban and social spaces. Cástro’s page gathers images and curriculum.

Rodrigo Garcia Dutranominated for PIPA Prize for the third time this year, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra is interested in the investigation and recreation of moments in time that influenced the aesthetic pattern by which we see through the world nowadays. The artist gives a new meaning to found objects, gifts and places where he has been through the use of different techniques, such as drawing, painting, cast iron, video, etc. His page presents images of his works, biography and video interviews.

Túlio Pinto– Artist Túlio Pinto was nominated for PIPA Prize for the first time this year and works mainly with sculpture, which was the emphasis of his Visual Arts Graduation. His page includes images, biography and curriculum.

Vicente de Mello– also a first-time nominee, Vicente de Mello worked in the Photography Department at the Museum of Modern Art RJ (MAM-RJ) and develops most of his work in photography. You can find in his page images, videos and biography.

Vijai Patchineelam– nominated for PIPA Prize in 2015 and 2017,  Vijai Patchineelam lives and works in São Paulo. In the project developed for the Zum Maganize Photography grant (IMS), Patchineelam investigates photographies taken by his father, a Indian Scientist that came to Brazil in the 70’s, of Brazilian, European and Indian scenes. His page presents images of works and curriculum.

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