Jonathas de Andrade, "O peixe", 2016.

“We are here” analyses how contemporary art changed the way we see the world

(Chicago, US)

“We are here” is a major three-part exhibition (“I am you”, “You are here”, “We are everywhere”) drawn from the MCA’s (Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago) collection, celebrating the Museum’s 50th anniversary. The exhibiton starts next Tuesday, August 19th, and declares that contemporary art and culture have the power to change the way that we see the world.

The group show focuses on the relationship between artist and viewer through a series of thematic exhibitions that explore the potential of art to alter our perceptions. The multigenerational artists, from several different countries, will feature works in a broad range of media. PIPA Prize 2011 Finalist Jonathas de Andrade and PIPA Prize 2011 nominee Ricardo Basbaum are both part of the exhibition, with works showcased in the first part, “I am you“. This first part presents works that question how we shape and relate to our environments, relying upon personal experiences to illuminate the vastness of contemporary life.

The exhibition continues with “You Are Here”, a section which  examines how the role of the viewer has changed over time, especially since the 1960s, from passive onlooker to active participant. “We Are Everywhere”, the third part, showcases artists who borrow from popular culture—soup cans, movie stills, neon signage, or floor tiles—to critique its workings. Artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Bruce Nauman re-present and reveal social realities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Together, these three independently curated yet inter-related “chapters” tell an evolving story of contemporary art.

“We are here”, group show
“I am you” – August 19th 2017 through April 1st, 2018
“You are here” – October 21st, 2017 through January 28th, 2018
“We are everywhere” – October 21st, 2017 through January 28th, 2018

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA)
220 E Chicago Ave
Working hours: tue – sun, 10am to 9pm
T: 312-280-2660


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