Creativity, cultural exchange and harmony are the elements that form the city of the future in “Hello, City!”

(Daejeon, South Korea)

Imagining and creating the city of the future is the premise of “Hello, City!”, an exhibition currently at view at the Daejeon Museum of Art, until August 13th. Twenty-seven artists, including Maria Nepomuceno, nominated for PIPA Prize 2012, have created their own Hello,City, a creative and future-focused polis based on their own experiences of the world.

Each of the works offers new visions of city life and the world of future, with an emphasis on the power of human creativity. This imagined city crosses the boundaries of nation, race, language and religion and works as a meeting place that welcomes the creativity of every culture, providing harmony through cultural exchange.

The cultures and ideologies formed as a product of history are woven together into something new, a future of pan-cultural cities and civilizations based on harmony and mutual respect.

“Hello, City!”, group show with Paik Namjune, Tanya Shultz, Kusama Yayoi,  Peng Hungchih, Rina Banerjee, Isabel&Alfredo Aquilizan, Sun Yuan&Peng Yu, Shinji Ohmaki, Maria Nepomuceno, Christian Faur, Choi Jeonghwa

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