The crowdfunding for “Liberation 4.0”, new project developed by Daniel Beerstecher, ends with 100% of its funding

The crowdfunding for “Liberation 4.0”, new project developed by PIPA Prize 2016 Nominee Daniel Beerstecher, came to an end last Saturday, July 29th. Thanks to the public’s help, the estimated amount to finance the project was not only achieved, but also exceeded. “Above all, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me in this project,” states the artist. “Further on, I’d also like to thank those who have shared “Liberation 4.0” with friends and acquaintances and who have contributed with constructive criticism. Without you, this project wouldn’t be possible!”

“Liberation 4.0” is a video installation in which two drones, on each one a bird cage is attached, are performing a courtship dance in the air, way up over the city of Rio de Janeiro. The project proposes a debate over the preservation of personal freedom in a context of constant technical evolution in which machines are increasingly in control. Due to the complexity of its production and the cost of its execution, the raised amount in the crowdfunding is crucial to continue the project.

PIPA Institute contributed with a initial funding, besides of acquiring a series of collages. It’s worth noting that the commissioning of works by PIPA Institute is the beginning of its partnership with PIPA Prize nominees to help original art projects come to life.

Those who have collaborated with the Kickstarter project will be receiving rewards – ranging from postcards featuring stills from the video to the very drones used in the production – starting November this year.

Click here to access the Kickstarter page and to learn more about “Liberation 4.0”, the project created by PIPA Prize 2016 Nominee Daniel Beerstecher.

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