Works by all of the PIPA Prize 2017 Finalists: Éder Oliveira, Carla Guagliardi, Barbara Wagner and Antonio Obá

Two weeks until the opening of the PIPA Prize Finalists’ Exhibition 2017

Save the date: PIPA Prize Finalists’ Exhibition 2017 opens at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio) in two weeks from now, on September 23rd. The exhibition presents to the audience works by the four PIPA Prize 2017 finalists, Antonio Obá, Bárbara Wagner, Carla Guagliardi and Éder Oliveira. Chosen by PIPA Board amongst the 56 artists nominated in this edition, they run for the main category of the Prize, worth R$130,000, and for PIPA Prize Popular Vote Exhibition, which awards the artist with the highest number of votes given by the visitors during the course of the exhibition, with R$24,000.

The eighth edition of the exhibition will introduce several changes. The most significant one is that, for the first time, the winners’ announcement will take place on the same day as the launching of the catalogue, on November 18th. The change was the way we found to gather, in one single publication, all of the information and images – for example, the 2017 winner’s list or the photographs of the show – referring to this year’s Finalists’ Exhibition. Until last year, in order for the catalogue to be launched in the same day as the opening of the exhibition, this  information would only be included in the catalogue of the following year.

Furthermore, the PIPA Prize 2017 catalogue will feature a series of critical texts on the works/trajectories of the four finalists. This way, the publication, which has established itself as an important research instrument on Brazilian contemporary art, becomes even more relevant. For PIPA Prize Institute curator Luiz Camillo Osorio, the strategy not only allows for a deepening of the finalist’s oeuvre thanks to its dialogue with the critic, but also works as an encouragement for the formation of new critics.

– The catalogue always lacked critical content, and texts relating to the artists who participated in the exhibition. The exception was the year 2012, but its texts only came out in 2013. Starting now, a budget will be made available so that the finalist artists can each invite a critic to write on their work or trajectory – explains the curator.

The last change is, in fact, a comeback: in 2017, PIPA returns to the space it used to occupy in the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro since its second edition, in 2011. The second floor of the Institution will  present works in various media, from installations and photographs to sculptures and paintings.

– They all share a poetic strength and a commitment to the expressive truth to be conquered with no concessions – declares Camillo on this edition’s finalists.

Watch the video in which Luiz Camillo Osorio, PIPA Institute curator, announces the PIPA Prize 2017 finalists:

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