Marcelo Jácome, "Plans Kites", 2013

Marcelo Jácome in solo show in Switzerland

(Basel, Switzerland) 

An installation consisting of 1,250 individual kites linked to the floor occupies the exhibition space of Brasilea Foundation since yesterday, September 14th. The installation is part of the exhibition “Dimension of color”, solo show by Marcelo Jácome, nominated for PIPA Prize 2014. On the outer façade of the exhibition center is displayed “Pontos Suspensos”, colorful ribbons hanging along the crane and forming a curtain to the stage – which is the exhibition. Jácome is also presenting about 42 works on wood and paper, such as collages and drawings, and a thread installation.

Conceptually, the artist works close to the space-time dimension while investigates the transition from two to three dimensionality. The kite installation interacts with the space in dimension and color aspects. Almost arbitrarily, the sculpture seem to float in the air, like a group of colorful tropical birds, somewhat agitated and confused. “Colors and shapes are created in my head, are joined together, resulting in an architectural design”, says Marcelo Jácome. His sculptures usually are similar to the structure of a kite: they create their own path, held only by a thin but firm thread, steerable, but not predictable.

“Dimention of color,” solo show by Marcelo Jácome
On view from September 14th through November 2nd, 2017

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