Julio Cavani, História Natural (Natural History), 2014

Pernambuco as seen by six Brazilian artists from Recife

(Los Angeles, USA)

“Because we are and we aren’t tropicalists”, group show that starts today at the Human Resources LA, presents recent moving image works by artists and filmmakers from Recife, Pernambuco, a city in the northeast of Brazil that is renowned for its art scenes.

The exhibition takes its name from the Manifesto Tropicalista, written in the 60s, and reclaims the discussion on Brazilian identity and the processes of decolonization through the valorization of local culture while also assimilating what comes from the outside.

The works depict Recife and the surrounding interior of the Pernambuco state to engage the material realities of its spaces, including the ‘sertão’, an arid, desert-like region in the Brazilian Northeast. These accounts produce fictional visions of the modern built environment, re-envisioning an urban space marked by rampant real estate speculation and the social movements that contest it. Through the works of six artists, among them Jonathas de Andrade, PIPA Prize 2011 Finalist, Cristiano Lenhardt, Finalist in 2015, and Gabriel Mascaro, the exhibition addresses inclusion and exclusion from the city’s modernizing narrative and the contemporary possibilities for challenging the social codes that govern public space.

“Because we are and we aren’t tropicalists”, group show with Cristiano Lenhardt, Daniel Santiago, Gabriel Mascaro, Irma Brown, Jonathas de Andrade and Julio Cavani
Curated by Zanna Gilbert
On view from November 8th through November 19th

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