Cadu, "I Am Mandala"

Cadu presents collaborative project at Museo Jumex

(Mexico City, Mexico)

PIPA Prize 2013 Winner Cadu presents at the Museu Jumex the collaborative project “I am mandala”, as a result of his residency at Insite/Casa Gallina, in Mexico City. As part of the proposition of the residency, the artist worked in collaboration with locals, in an exploration of the social fabric of the neighborhood that would then lead to the artistic process. “I am Mandala” is the result of the artist’s work with “Las chicas de ayer, hoy y siempre,” a dance group formed by senior women, and “Tejiendo Otro Mundo,” a collective of activist knitters. The project was extensively explored in the artist’s conversation with Luiz Camillo Osorio, published in November 2016 in our websites.

The knitters created a pattern inspired by the symbolic structures of Tibetan mandalas that the dancers then unraveled through choreography. By proposing an action that combines the abilities of these two groups, the artist activated the collective sets of knowledge that brought these communities together. The project goes beyond the creation of a physical object to encompass the process of weaving bonds between individuals, something that cannot be easily represented. “I am Mandala” reveals a joint exploration of individual and group identities, gender and its corporeality, as well as spirituality.

“I am mandala”, solo show by Cadu
On view from November 23rd through January 2nd

Museo Jumex
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