Fabio Morais, “Querido Diário”, 2012, livro de artista

Group show in France dedicated to exploring Brazilian artists’ publications

(Rennes, France)

The Maison des Sciences de l’Homme en Bretagne presents an exhibition dedicated to the (very) recent history of artists’ publications in Brazil. “Livres et revues d’artistes: une perspective brésilienne” presents a wide selection of publications through which it’s possible to have an overview of the trends that characterize the current Brazilian production of artists’ books. The selection covers a period of more than six decades of publications and includes works of several generations of artists: pioneers like Augusto de Campos, Paulo Bruscky, Waltercio Caldas and Regina Silveira to younger artists like Fabio Morais, Lucia Mindlin Loeb, Marilá Dardot and Fabio Zimbres.

The exhibition examines the continuities and ruptures of artist’s publications throughout time by situating it in different political and social contexts: from the pioneers’ work to the most recent practices, these publications present a diversity of formal tendencies and discursive forms and propose different sensorial experiments in the practice of reading. In the context of the current turbulent political scenario in Brazil, these publications are also an important space of critical resistance.

Today, December 1st, the Museum invites the public for a series of lectures and debates gathering Brazilian artists and scholars to give different perspectives on the practice in the country.

“Livres et revues d’artistes: une perspective brésilienne”, group show
On view from November 30th through January 8th
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