Jonathas de Andrade and Paloma Bosquê in “Healing and repairing”

(Coimbra, Portugal)

The Anozero Biennale of Contemporary Art in Coimbra reaches its second edition this year, showcasing the work of 35 artists, including PIPA Prize 2011 Finalist Jonathas de Andrade and nominee Paloma Bosquê. Titled “Healing and repairing”, Anozero 2017 raises a reflection on the role of art in the process of repairing social wounds created by today’s political, affective and economic crisis.  

In Portuguese, the word ‘repair’ could be applied in several contexts, either as “fix”, “improve” or “caring”. “It is precisely this increasingly sick world we must repair”, states the curatorial text. Art is associated with this “repairing” process, in all its meanings. Through art, we could try to find places that belong both to the sphere of the individual and to the collective dimension, both to politics and economy, to the small history of small communities to the great needs of cities to recover, to find symbolic situations that reinvent the poetics of healing, the brutality of compensation, the justice of reparation, against radicality and its morality, its puritanism.

The Biennale takes place in different spaces of Coimbra and features a parallel program that includes lectures, film screenings, workshops, debates and performances.  

Anozero 2017“Healing and repairing”
On view from November 11th through December 12th


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