Carmela Gross, "Marapé", 2014

Migration, identity and boundaries are some of the questions discussed in “Where are we going?”

(Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

The group show “On Anam? Where are we going”, on view at the ES Baluard Museu,  is the last part of a trilogy of exhibitions that propose a close look on the Mediterranean social, political and cultural context. Six artists with extremely diverse origins, amongst them PIPA Prize 2016 Winner Paulo Nazareth, showcase works that presents new significations about displacements.

The show investigates the context of social and individual contradictions in the Mediterranean and how the political and social changes have been changing questions such as territorial frontier, identity and migration. The sentence ‘Where are we going?’ is a reference to the uncertainty of the future, caused by a turbulent present of war, economical crisis and climate change. As the curator Sonia Becce writes in the exhibitions’ curatorial text, “the sentence may refer to the question we repeat, as citizens, when faced with the misgivings caused by the political decisions that affect us”. These political decisions affect not only the individual, but the community and the environment, forcing, in certain cases, individuals to leave the places where the belong, urged on by social violence and economic unrest.

“On Anam? Where are we going”, group show with Ergin Çavuşoğlu, Félix González-Torres, Carmela Gross, Núria Güell, Paulo Nazareth and Walid Raad-The Atlas Group
Curated by Sonia Becce
On view from November 10th 2017 through March 1st 2018

ES Baluard Museu
Plaza Porta de Santa Catalina 10, Palma
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