China and Brazil in conversation in “Troposphere”

(Beijing, China)

“This is the time for China and Brazil to come to know each other through contemporary art,” states the pamphlet for “Troposphere – Chinese and Brazilian Contemporary Art”. The exhibition, the first large-scaled one to present Brazilian contemporary art in China, opens this Saturday, December 9th, at Beijing Minsheng Art Museum.

“Troposphere” juxtaposes the works of 21 Brazilian contemporary artists (among them, finalists André Komatsu and Jonathas de Andrade, as well as other seven PIPA Prize nominees) with those of 21 Chinese leading artists. The goal is to examine points of connection between the paintings, sculptures, photos, video and installations displayed. According to co-curator Bao Dong, such ties are indeed there, and the participating artists expose synergies across aesthetic solutions, working methods and historical narratives.

The title references the closest, most important layer of the atmosphere, in which all human activity takes place. “Troposphere” thus aims to frame, on a global scale and through contemporary art, the exchanges between Brazil and China, “promoting a mutual understanding of each other’s culture.”

“Troposphere – Chinese and Brazilian Contemporary Art”, group show featuring Rodrigo Andrade, Barrão, Leda Catunda, Carlito Carvalhosa, St. Clair Cemin, Marcos Chaves, Felipe Cohen, Jonathas de Andrade, Antonio Dias, Lucia Koch, André Komatsu, Vik Muniz, Henrique Oliveira, Abraham Palatnik, Ana Prata, Caio Reisewitz, Miguel do Rio Branco, Cai Lei, Fu Zhangwang, Hu Xiaoyuan, Huang Yongpin, Jiang Zhi, Li Songsong, Liang Quan, Lin Tianmiao, Liu Wei, Luo Dan, Ma Qiusha, Ouyang Chun, Shang Yishin, Shi Qin, Song Dong, Sui Jianguo, Wang Guangle, Wang Ningde, Yang Maoyuan, Yang Zhenzhon and Yu Youhan
Curated by Sarina Tang and Bao Dong
On view from December 9th through February 23rd

Beijing Minsheng Art Museum
9 Jiuxianqiao Road – Chaoyang District
Working hours: tue – sun, 10am to 5 pm
T: +86 5323-2111-213

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