Group show presents a collaborative project between four artists

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

In 2011, PIPA Prize 2013 winner Cadu, Adriano Motta, Eduardo Berliner and Paulo Vivacqua embarked on the Projeto Cavalo (Horse Project), where in an alternating circular dynamic, each artist formally responded to each other’s action, thus interfering in the creative processes of one another. The result of such experimentation and research will now be presented at the exhibition: “Projeto Cavalo: quadrivium – 8 patas” [Horse Project: quadrivium – 8 paws], opening this Saturday at Jacarandá, in Villa Aymoré.

By exploring individual aspects of the recent production of each artist, whilst diluting the principle of “authorship” by working together as a group, the dynamic of the project can be compared to that of the movement of a carrousel: cyclic and constant.

The idea was to investigate symbolic attributes of the carrousel: a ludic object, which aggregates visual, spacial and sonar characteristics and can also be seen as a metaphor of youth and cyclic time. A stationed cosmo, stuck in its tiny route, which doesn’t refrain from mirroring the turns of the universe in which it is inserted.

The result of the project, presented at the exhibition, is a hybrid of a cabinet of curiosities and walled garden, where objects, sounds, sculptures, paintings and videos, blur the boundaries between language, the semantic field, and reflect individual and collective gravitational orbits in the course of collision.

“Projeto Cavalo: quadrivium – 8 patas”, group show with Adriano Motta, Cadu, Eduardo Berliner and Paulo Vivacqua.
On view December 16th – January 31st 2018

Jacaranda, at Villa Aymoré
Ladeira da Glória, 26, Casa 1 – Glória
Working hours: wed–sun, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
T: (21) 2509-6962

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