Anna Paola Protasio, "Fragment I"

The depiction of the natural world through the work of two different artists

(New York, USA)

The exhibition “Polar Opposites”, at Nohra Haime Gallery, brings together selected works by Canadian artist Julie Hedrick and Brazilian artist Anna Paola Protasio, revealing each artist’s methods in considering and depicting the natural world.

The precise, sharp, cutting process in Protasio’s work opposes the hazy, soft brushstrokes of Hedrick’s paintings. Protasio’s background in architecture and design is revealed through her structure of carefully controlled lines, while Hedrick’s background in anatomy and physiology show on her interest in investigating the relationship between man and nature. Hedrick’s Alchemy series, presented in the exhibition, delves into concepts relating to the history of man’s attempt to alter nature’s chemistry for the pursuance of gold. Hedrick’s voluminous, abstract oil paintings contrast with Protasio’s geometric, recognizable forms and use of brass and aluminium.

The exhibition presents the view of these two artists working with different techniques on the environment, its transitions and human experience in it.

“Polar Opposites”, featuring Anna Paola Protasio and Julie Hedrick
On view from January 11th through February 10th 2018

Nohra Haime Gallery
500 West 21st Street
Working hours: tue-sat, 10am to 6pm
T:  212.888.3550

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