Exhibition view of “La mirada que se separa de los abrazos”

“La mirada que se separa de los abrazos” discusses memory and democracy

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Memory, democracy, identity. These are some of the themes addressed in “La mirada que se separa de los abrazos”, on view through February at the Centro Cultural de La Memoria Haroldo Conti. Curated by Florencia Battiti and featuring works by 17 artists (amongst them, Ivan Grilo and the duo Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima), the exhibition was conceived as part of the BIENALSUR initiative.

“La mirada que se separa de los abrazos” (in a free translation, “The glance which splits off the embrace”) discusses the political and individual consequences of the Latin-American dictatorships that took over the region until the 1980s. Many of the works thus delve into the subject of memory, both in the personal and institutional realms – such is the case of the pieces showcased by Ivan Grilo and Rudolph Castro, for example. Another recurring theme is the notion of territory as a space of social, political and poetic significance.

The subjects discussed are all in sync with the history of the space occupied by the exhibition, Centro Cultural de La Memoria Haroldo Conti. The building once housed one of the centres for detention, torture and extermination clandestinely ran by the Argentine government, where about 5.000 people have been incarcerated – only circa 200 of them have survived to tell the tale.

“La mirada que se separa de los abrazos”, group show featuring Ananké Aseff, ‘Beauty and Happiness Villa Fiorito’, Rudolph Castro, Martin Cordiano, Leopoldo Estol, René Francisco, Gabriela Golder, Ivan Grilo, Vicente Grondona, Alicia Herrero, Voluspa Jarpa, Carolina Magnin, Guadalupe Miles, Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima, Cristina Piffer, Soledad Sánchez Goldar and Lucas Di Pasquale, Carolina Vollmer
Curated by Florencia Battiti
On view from September 15th, 2017 through February 2nd, 2018

Centro Cultural de La Memoria Haroldo Conti
Av. Del Libertador 8151
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