Patricia Leite

The sky is everywhere in solo show by Patricia Leite

(Brussels, Belgium)

Men have always been fascinated with the sky. A blank canvas for the disclosure of omens and prophecies in the primitive times, later becoming one of the first sources of scientific knowledge for sailors and philosophers alike, it’s quite impressive how to this day it remains an object of mystery and awe. Next week, on Friday, January 19th, it’s time for Patricia Leite to showcase her own point of view on the subject, in the opening of “Olha pro céu, meu amor” [Look at the sky, my love] at Mendes Wood DM Brussels.

The exhibition resumes the artist’s interest in the theme of landscape. It is not only as a backdrop that the sky appears in the paintings showcased, however, sometimes even becoming the scenes’ main character. Such is the case for “Explosão I”, “Explosão II” and “Rain”, painted over photographs of fireworks exploding.

– Because they are large-scale works (they are all 1,60m in height, measuring from 1,80m up to 2,20m in width), “Olha pro céu, meu amor”, “Explosão I”, “Explosão II” and “Chuva” heighten the experience of looking towards the sky by asking the viewer to look around oneself, feeling that he/she is wrapped in sky – writes Camila Bechelany in the curatorial text of the show.

Asides from these, Leite also presents a couple of works representing churches: the paintings “Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres”, and “Ó”, the latter on stained glass, depicting the church of Nossa Senhora do Ó. The choice may indicate a return to her Brazilian origins: the artist was born in Minas Gerais, in the Southeast of Brazil, and the three months she spent in Brussels between 2016 and 2017 were her first ever working away from her Brazilian studio. The reference to her home country is also present (although a little more covertly) in the solo show’s title: “Olha pro céu” is the name of a famous forró song by Luiz Gonzaga.

“Olha pro céu, meu amor”, solo show by Patricia Leite
On view from January 9th through April 17th, 2018
Opening: Friday, January 9th, from 5pm to 9pm

Mendes Wood DM Brussels
13 Rue des Sablons – Zavelstraat
Working hours: tue – sat, 11am to 7 pm
T: +32 2 502 09 64

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