Chelpa Ferro, "Spacemen/cavemen", 2011, installation

“Spacemen/cavemen” enacts dialogue between the past and the future

(Milan, Italy)

Formed in 1995 by Brazilian artists Barrão, Sergio Mekler and Luiz Zerbini – the latter, a PIPA Prize Nominating Committee member in 2011 –, art collective Chelpa Ferro explores the plasticity of sound and its dynamics through sculptures, objects, installations and music performances, many of which use everyday objects in its construction.

Such is the case of “Spacemen/Cavemen”, on view at Marsèlleria since January 19th after a period at Galleria Sprovieri in London. Composed of different materials connected and then suspended a few centimetres above the floor, the installation reproduces lights and sounds composed by the artists, with a dense and apparently incomprehensible dialogue among its elements. Each one of the figures that constitute the work represents a kind of “men”: those from the future (“spacemen”), and those from pre-historic times (“cavemen”).

Chelpa Ferro has always worked on the dignity of “modest” sounds and materials, also going back to traditions and examples drawn from art history, together with totally contemporary ideas and creations. The layering of history and the potentialities of the objects create a surrounding inviting to interaction. The public is thus driven to comply, taking part in the narration of the work, physically “entering” in it and reflecting on use, consumption and cultural attitudes accompanying objects and sounds.

“Spacemen/cavemen”, solo show by Chelpa Ferro
On view from January 18th through March 2nd

Via Privata Rezia, 2
T: +39 0278622680

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