Adriano Costa, exhibition view of "wetANDsomeOLDstuffVANDALIZEDbyTHEartist", 2018 Mendes Wood DM

Adriano Costa presents solo show in Cologne

(Cologne, Germany)

Adriano Costa‘s exhibitions might as well be called “environments”. Combining sculptures, paintings and films, the expansive installations he builds are more similar to stage-like sceneries than to traditional art exhibitions.

“wetANDsomeOLDstuffVANDALIZEDbyTHEartist”, which he opens at Kölnischer Kunstverein next week, on February 16th, is no exception. Here, he presents unique assemblages of found materials and everyday objects, namely the “wet and old stuff” suggested in the title. The result is formulations that are at the same time humorous and poetic, establishing a dialogue with art history movements so diverse as the Italian “arte povera”, the Brazilian Neoconcretismo.

“wetANDsomeOLDstuffVANDALIZEDbyTHEartist”, solo show by Adriano Costa
On view from February 17th through March 25th
Opening: Friday, February 16th, at 7 pm

Kölnischer Kunstverein
Hahnenstraße 6
Working hours: tue – sun, 11 am to 6 pm
T: (+49 0) 221 217021

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