Thierry Oussou, "La Poesie", 2018

Art, myth and the environment in focus in “Gaia in the Anthropocene”

(Rotterdam, Netherlands) 

“How can we design a new relationship with the Earth?”. The question guides “Gaia in the Anthropocene”, group show that starts on February 8th at Stichting Garage Rotterdam. Reflecting on mankind’s impact over environment, the exhibition explores how the tradition of myths and tales could help create solutions to the times of anxiety and uncertainty about the future of the planet we are living.

Myths used to fulfil the need to understand nature and ourselves. In contemporary society, however, they have been replaced for science and reason. “Gaia in the Anthropocene” evidences the growing attention to nature-related myths in the visual arts and reunites the work of seven artists, including PIPA Prize 2011 Finalist Jonathas de Andrade, that turn to the power of imagination, the intangible, the irrational or the poetic, either to offer an escape from the ominous reality or in an attempt to counteract the disenchantment of the world.

Relating myth, art and environment, the exhibition seeks an alternative and renewed way to think of man’s relationship with nature.

“Gaia in the Anthropocene”, group show featuring Jonathas de Andrade, Milena Bonilla, Rometti Costales, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Jimmie Durham, Thierry Oussou and Maya Watanabe
On view from February 8th through March 31th

Stichting Garage Rotterdam
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