Marina Perez Simão, Sem Título, 2014

Group show explores the contrasts of the city of Rio de Janeiro

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Natural beauties, samba, violence, ‘favela’ – these are some of the stereotypes frequently associated with Rio de Janeiro. The so-called “Cidade Maravilhosa” (‘Wonderful City’) is at once paradisiacal and dangerous, idyllic and tragic. The contrasts of Rio are explored in the group show “Jardim das delícia com juízo final“, on view at Galeria Cavalo.

The title of the exhibition refers to two works of the medieval painter Bosch that depicts hell and paradise, suggesting that Rio has in itself both these dimensions. The exhibition points to the plastification caused by the reductions attributed to the city and its superficial representations.

Curated by Pedro Caetano, the exhibition brings displays the works of 21 artists, of which 9 are PIPA Prize Nominees – including PIPA Prize 2012 Winner Marcius Galan and Pedro Caetano himself. The artist-curator organized the works in two antagonistic scenarios inside the gallery: the serenity of the works in the entrance room contrasts with the troubled assembly of the following.

Jardim das delícia com juízo final” links the images of the ‘historical Rio’, the ‘stereotyped Rio’ and the actual Rio of day to day life. It is an exhibition that pays homage to the city, which stands between the two Bosch paintings, between beauty and violence, the Rio of Anitta and another Rio, Nelson’s, Cartola, Noel Rosa and etc”, says the curator. 

“Jardim das delícia com juízo final”, coletiva com Adriano Costa, Alberto Simon, Alexandre da Cunha, Alvaro Seixas,Erika Verzutti, Jac Leirner, Jarbas Lopes e Laura Lima, Leda Catunda, Marcelo Cipis, Marcius Galan, Marina Perez Simão, Marina Weffort, Paulo Monteiro, Pedro Caetano, Ricardo Alcaide, Tiago Tebet, Tiago Mestre, Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, Nelson Cavaquinho and Leon Hirszman
Curated by Pedro Caetano
On view from February 1st through Abril 21st 2018

Galeria Cavalo
Rua Sorocaba, 51–  Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Working hours: tue – sun, 12pm to 20pm; sat, 13pm to 5pm
T: (21) 2267-7654

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