André Komatsu, "Base Hierárquica" Galeria Vermelho

The hidden potential of accidents themes “Horizonte de Sucesos”

(Madrid, Spain)

Accidents happen. But what if we understood them not as a problem – an interruption of the path originally traced –, but as a possibility for something absolutely new to happen? That’s the idea behind “Horizonte de Sucesos”, group show featuring PIPA Prize 2011 finalist André Komatsu on view at OTR Espacio de Arte. Officially inaugurated last Friday, February 16th, “Horizonte” will be open for visitors again on occasion of ARCOMadrid next Saturday, February 24th, at 10 am (otherwise, the gallery requests for visits to be scheduled in advance).

Showcasing works by 14 artists in total, most of them Spanish and Latin American, the exhibition is defined by its curator, Dalia de la Rosa, as a “plural, hybrid apparatus which evidences the heterogeneity amongst proposals and practices that articulate a border and transversal conceptual territory”.

“It’s about thinking how the appropriation of what is accidental, probable, allows for the activation of a place in which several perspectives can be confronted,” she writes in her introductory text to the show.

“Horizonte de Sucesos”, group show featuring Adrián Balseca, Ubay Murillo, Cristina Mejías, Belén Rodríguez, Gianfranco Foschino, Ramón Miranda Beltrán, Gabriela Bettini, Lecuona & Hernandéz, Pablo Capitán del Rio, André Komatsu, Regina de Miguel & Lucrecia Dalt, Nacho Martín Silva, Pierre Descamps, Ignacio Uriarte
Curated by Dalia de la Rosa
Reopening of the show on February 24th

OTR Espacio de Arte
Calle San Eugenio, 10
Visits are scheduled in advance through the email

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