Sandra Cinto, Contemplation Room, installation at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, USA, 2017 Contemporary Arts Center

Sandra Cinto on view at the Contemporary Arts Center

(Cincinnati, USA)

The movement of water has become increasingly important in the work of Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto. The element themes the installation she created for Contemporary Arts Center’s Contemplation Room, opened in October last year. Employing delicate washes of diluted paint, it channels a glacial landscape to transform the fifth-floor space into a “multi-sensory sanctuary” where mind-body practices take place.

– This room will have guided mindfulness exercises and programmed, teacher-led sessions that will add another opportunity for our visitors to find respite from everyday stresses – said Raphaela Platow, Visual Arts director at CAC, at the time of the room’s opening.

The installation also includes a temporary exhibition curated by Cinto, titled the “Library of Love”. Featuring book-objects by over 200 artists around the world (including Bruno Miguel, Caio Reisewitz, Carla Chaim, Ding Musa, Felipe Cama, Guto Lacaz, Ivan Grilo, Marcelo Moscheta, Mariana Palma, Nazareno, Renato Pera, Rodolpho Parigi and Vicente de Mello), the show reflects the quality and complexity of love in its many forms. Furthermore, the group show speaks to Cinto’s larger objective of conveying the Portuguese meaning of contemplation – transcending solitary meditation to offer a shared experience where we give and take from one another.

Both the wall installation and the exhibition form an interesting counterpart to Cinto’s other work on view at CAC, also inaugurated in October last year. Unfolding across the two major columns in the Lobby, it uses drawings to evoke a mesmerizing environment of turbulent seascapes, swirling rainstorms and celestial skies.

“Contemplation Room”, “Lobby” and “Library of Love”, by Sandra Cinto
On view from October 8th, 2017 through July 24th, 2018 (“Lobby” and “Library of Love”) and December 21st, 2021 (“Contemplation Room”)

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