Cadu, "Soy Mandala", installation view at Museo Jumex, 2017 / Abigail Enzaldo Galeria Vermelho

Cadu presents “I am Mandala” in group show

(Puebla, Mexico)

Three projects conceived through the curatorial platform inSite/Casa Gallina – which commissions co-participatory interventions, inviting artists to work with certain neighbourhood communities in Mexico City – are on view at Museo Amparo since last Saturday, April 21st. Created by artists Cadu, Edgardo Aragón and Rafiki Sánchez, respectively, the works are marked by a choice of affection over effect, in the sense that the exploration of the social fabric of their assigned neighbourhood they performed was more important than the artistic process itself.

One of the works showcased in the exhibition is “I am Mandala”, an installation by PIPA Prize 2013 winner Cadu. The work portrays the ritualistic unravelling of a 6 x 5 meters crocheted mandala, full of colours, designs and motifs, by an elderly dance group. Composed of old ladies who had danced together twice a week for 15 years, the group is, by the way, an example of the bond Casa Gallina tries to build between resident artists and local communities. The ladies both welcomed and actively worked with Cadu, coming up with the final idea of the mandala. “I had never undergone an experience with so many variables and such surprising results,” confessed the artist in an interview to PIPA Institute curator Luiz Camillo Osorio dating from November 2016.

“Movilizando afectos: coparticipación e inserción local, tres proyectos artísticos”, group show featuring Cadu, Edgardo Aragón and Rafiki Sánchez
On view from April 21st through July 30th, 2018

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