Carla Chaim, “Somatu”, 2018, video-performance, 2018 / Ding Musa Galeria Raquel Arnaud

Carla Chaim discusses pleasure and pain in “The Little Death”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

According to the French, la petite mort (in English, “the little death”) represents the exact instant in which one reaches the orgasm. A passing melancholy for some, an unexpected transcendental experience for others, the idiom baptizes Carla Chaim‘s second solo show at Galeria Raquel Arnaud, inaugurated last week. The exhibition approaches topics far wider than simply sex, discussing instead the ambiguities of pleasure and pain that characterise both la petite mort and human experience in general.

“The set of works of the show “The Little Death” translates the syncopation of ‘mourning’ and ‘pleasure’ that are part of the dynamics of human desire,” explains the Portuguese curator Marta Mestre in her introductory text to the show, “Struggle,” also published in the PIPA Prize websites. “In the words of the artist, this is a title where ‘the end and the ecstasy’ converge simultaneously, a heading which is capable of reversing the gravity that binds us to the ground.”

The solo show reunites new works by the artist on paper, photography and video (“Somatu”). Some of its highlights are “Ele queria ser bandeira” [He wanted to be a flag], in which carbon paper cut-outs duplicating the gallery’s floor plan hang from fragile wooden sticks, and the “Line Pieces” series, which portrays Chaim’s body interacting with architecture and creating new design with the usage of black lines. For Marta Mestre, however, the video “Somatu” is the only featured piece capable of “speaking up for the whole exhibition.” The work showcases three dancers who create new bodies and beings through their synchronized movements. See some of the works on view at the exhibition through the following pictures, taken by Ding Musa:

“The Little Death”, solo show by Carla Chaim
On view from April 9th through June 10th, 2018

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