Luciana Magno, “Densidade aparente”, 2014

More 2018 nominees’ artists pages updated on our website

We are almost finished updating the PIPA Prize 2018 nominees’ pages, a process which included adding new artwork images, updating curriculum and biography, and including even more critical material (such as critical texts, artists’ statements, and video-interviews) to the pages of the artists nominated for the ninth edition of the Prize. Meet here ten recently renewed pages, belonging to Eduardo Berliner, Gisele Camargo, Grupo EmpreZa, Laura Belém, Luciana Magno, Luiz Roque, Marcone Moreira, Maria Laet, Randolpho Lamonier and Yuli Yamagata. Click over the artist’s name to be redirected for his/her artist page at PIPA Prize.

Eduardo Berliner – Known for his dark, surrealist paintings, Berliner – a PIPA Prize finalist in 2011 – runs for the award for the fourth time this year. The artist added four new artwork images to this page and updated his curriculum, which now includes “Quadrivium”, his latest group show at Jacaranda.

Gisele Camargo – Camargo added to her page images from her most recent series, “A construção dos minimundos” and “Brutos”, and critical texts by Chris Schults, written for the exhibition “Cruzamentos – Arte Contemporânea Brasileira”, in which the artist took part, and Sérgio Martins, published in the Artforum magazine in 2012.

Grupo EmpreZa – Nominated for PIPA Prize for the second time this year, Grupo EmpreZa, an artist collective composed by nine artists, decided to recreate their page from scratch in this edition. Now, their page includes 39 artwork reproductions, four of them in video, an updated curriculum, and links to their social media profiles on both Facebook and Instagram.

Laura Belém – Laura Belém’s page on PIPA Prize is perhaps one of the most complete ones among those of the PIPA Prize 2018 nominees. The multidisciplinary artist presents no less than 64 artwork images in her online address, dating all the way back to 2002, three videos, seven critical texts, a clipping section and, finally, an updated curriculum.

Luciana Magno – PIPA Online winner in 2015, Magno inserted new images and, most importantly, new videos of her work with performance to her page. Merging her body to the landscape and its surroundings is a recurring and determining element in her works.

Luiz Roque – Nominated for PIPA Prize for the fourth time this year, Luiz Roque was the talk of the town last year, thanks to his work “S”. The video showcasing dancers doing a choreography in the subway in São Paulo was specially commissioned for the exhibition “Avenida Paulista”, presented at MASP in 2017. A frame of the artwork can now be seen in the artist’s page, which also features three new artwork images and an updated curriculum.

Marcone Moreira – The memory of worn-out materials, usually impregnated with culturally constructed meanings, is central to the work of Marcone Moreira, a five-times PIPA Prize nominee. This year, the artist, born in the Brazilian Northeast, asked to add to his page four new artwork images, an updated curriculum, and a critical text by Moacir dos Anjos, “The Marks of the Things and the Political Folds”.

Maria Laet – The addition of seven critical texts and 13 new artwork images are some of the updates Maria Laet requested on her page. The artist runs for PIPA Prize for the sixth time in this edition.

Randolpho Lamonier – Born in the industrial suburbs of Minas Gerais, in the Brazilian Southeast, but currently living in the capital of the state, Belo Horizonte, Randolpho inserted 25 artwork images in his page, besides a complete curriculum – in which he states he dropped out of the Fine Arts School of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG).

Yuli Yamagata – Trendy fashion items, such as animal prints and multi-colored sneakers, are some of the elements of Yuli Yamagata’s work. It is thus through unexpected sculptures that the artist manages to reflect on the body and clothing, public and private. Her page features 30 artwork images (some of them, drafts that would be then transformed into works), an updated curriculum, and an exclusive interview for PIPA Prize 2018.

Meet the other artists who participate in PIPA Prize 2018 here. And stay tuned: we’ll be announcing new artists’ pages updates soon.

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