Irmãos Guimarães Collective, "Respiração mais", 2002, performance

More PIPA Prize 2018 nominees artists’ pages updates

In total, there are 70 artists running for the ninth edition of PIPA Prize, more than half of them first-time participants. Below, we present the updated pages of ten of them, featuring artwork images, information about their careers, critical text and, in the case of some of them, exclusive video-interviews. Click over the artist’s name to be redirected for his/her artist page at PIPA Prize.

Ana Prata – Nominated for PIPA Prize for the second time in 2018, painter Ana Prata added 13 new artwork images to her page and updated her Curriculum, Biography and Clipping sections. Her latest PIPA Prize 2018 video-interview can also be seen there.

André GriffoGraduated in Architecture, André Griffo brought his academic background to his works in the visual arts field. His paintings, drawings and installations thus create new narratives and explore the wasted potential of particular spaces. Participating in PIPA Prize for the second time – he was also a nominee in 2014 –, his page gained new artwork images, and his biography, clipping and curriculum sections were updated.

Cecilia Bona – Participating in PIPA Prize for the first time this year, Cecilia Bona explores light, time and space – perceptive phenomena, in other words – through objects and installations. Her research can be seen through 20 artwork images and two videos. Her page also features an updated curriculum.

Coletivo Irmãos GuimarãesTheatre, performance, visual arts, literature, philosophy. The brothers Adriano and Fernando Guimarães, who are behind the Irmãos Guimarães Collective, have been building bridges between those and other disciplines for the last 20 years. Nominated for PIPA Prize for the first time in 2018, their page features records of ten works, many of them performances, and curriculum.

Daniel Albuquerque –  Yet another PIPA Prize newcomer, Daniel Albuquerque is interested in the dialogue between surfaces, mixing materials such as paint, plaster and even knitting in his oeuvre. His page presents 12 artwork images besides a curriculum and links to critical texts published elsewhere.

Debora BolsoniAn interrupted scene, in which objects, concepts and words seem to have been cristalized in the middle of their movement. That’s how Rio de Janeiro-born artist Débora Bolsoni describes her practice in the “Artist’s Statement” section of her page. Running for PIPA Prize for the fifth time this year, she also updated the critical texts, curriculum and artwork images’ sections of her page – the latter featuring now brief descriptions on their contexts.

Gervane de PaulaBorn and bred in Cuiabá, in the Brazilian Centre-West, Gervane de Paula weaves connections between the global and the local, and craftsmanship and contemporary art through his work. His page contains several critical texts and artworks images.

Ícaro Lira Three-times nominated for PIPA Prize, Ícaro Lira has been, for the last five years, analysing the implications and consequences of the events that constitute the history of Brazil through a work that is simultaneously documental and fictional, archive and archeological-focused. His page features artwork images, critical texts and video interviews.
Gokula StoffelWhat is the place and the role of image in today’s world? The question guides Stoffel’s work, based on spatial collages featuring unexpected materials and sculptures that mimic the infinite “scrolling down” of digital screens. Her page also exhibits installation, painting and sculpture images, besides an updated curriculum.

Jaime LaurianoRunning for PIPA Prize for the second time this year, Jaime Lauriano brings to the surface historical traumas thought to be relegated to the past, hoping to collectively revise and rebuild History. His page gained new artwork images and videos, besides several critical texts and a curriculum update.

Meet the other artists who participate in PIPA Prize 2018 here. And stay tuned: we’ll be announcing new artists’ pages updates soon.

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