Vanderlei Lopes, “Hemisphere”, 2015

More updates on the PIPA Prize 2018 nominees’ pages

We are almost finished updating the PIPA Prize 2018 nominees’ pages: we have already altered or created from scratch about 50 artists’ pages from a total of 71, a process which included adding new artwork images, updating curriculum and biography, and including even more critical material (such as critical texts, artists’ statements, and video-interviews) to the pages of the artists nominated for the ninth edition of the Prize. Meet here ten recently renewed pages, belonging to Dalton Paula, Desali, Íris Helena, Ismael Monticelli, Maura Grimaldi, Pedro França, Tiago Sant’Ana, Tiago Tebet, Tiago Tosh and Vanderlei Lopes. Click over the artist’s name to be redirected for his/her artist page at PIPA Prize.

Dalton Paula – Between last year’s edition of PIPA Prize, when he was first nominated, and this year’s, Dalton Paula became one of the most promising names of Brazilian contemporary art. That’s because he was the only Brazilian artist invited to participate in the New Museum Triennial, currently on view in New York. His “Clipping” section now presents a number of news pieces on the subject. His page also features new artwork images and an updated curriculum.

DesaliAlso participating in PIPA Prize for the second year in a row, Warley Desali bases his practice on the subversion of hierarchies, transforming garbage into art and granting more importance to the streets than to galleries and art institutions. His page gained 25 artwork images, besides an updated biography and a critical text by Marina Câmara. While his 2018 video-interview isn’t released, we invite to watch his take on it from last year: it is original, to say the least.

– Íris HelenaPost-its, credit card receipts, toilet paper. Fragile, day-by-day objects are used as media by Íris Helena in her work, who transforms them into metaphors of the urban landscape, which is always erasing its own history. Her page showcases an extensive artwork images gallery, three critical texts, clipping, an updated curriculum, and an exclusive interview to PIPA Prize 2018.

Ismael MonticelliNominated for PIPA Prize for the first time in this edition, Ismael Monticelli’s work ressignifies spaces, objects and materials. His page includes artwork images, critical texts by Raphael Fonseca, Luisa Duarte and Patricia Franca-Huchet, and a complete curriculum.

Maura GrimaldiExperimenting with various optical devices, Maura Grimaldi’s research investigates the very concept of image. Such experimentations are reproduced – and carefully described – in her artworks gallery, which features no less than 53 images. Her page also presents a number of critical texts, biography, curriculum, and links for two of her projects.

Pedro FrançaRunning for PIPA Prize for the third time in a row, Pedro França decided to rebuild from the ground his page in this edition. After asking to fully erase his previous artworks gallery, he chose 29 images which he believes are the most representative of his current production. They are now presented in his page together with already-existing critical texts and an updated curriculum.

Tiago Sant’Ana“I speak from this place: the place of an artist born in Bahia, in the Brazilian Northeast, an artist who’s black,” states Tiago Sant’Ana in his video-interview for PIPA Prize 2018. The video is one of the elements present in the artist’s page, together with 33 artwork images (records of performances, for the most part), biography, curriculum and critical texts by Ayrson Heráclito and Roberto Conduru.

Tiago TebetI have always been interested in the counterculture of skateboarding and in the popular culture born in marginalized areas,” explains Tiago Tebet, yet another artist nominated for PIPA Prize for the first time this year, in the “Artist’s Statement” section of his page. Another sections include information on curriculum, complete portfolio (in the “Links” tab) and 20 artwork images, mostly paintings.

Tiago ToshTiago Tosh is one of the authors of the concept of “Ethnograffitti”, which mixes street art and native indigenous culture. His preferred media are urban walls and paper, in which he develops drawings about themes such as ancestality, mysticism, nature and symbolism. They appear in his artworks gallery of his page together with a biography, links and several video-interviews – the last of them produced exclusively for PIPA Prize.

Vanderlei LopesNominated for PIPA Prize for the fourth time, Vanderlei Lopes added 23 new artworks images to his page and updated his biography in this edition.

Meet the other artists who participate in PIPA Prize 2018 here. And stay tuned: we’ll be announcing new artists’ pages updates soon.

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