Paulo Nazareth, Cao Fei and Richard Mosse investigate contemporary nomadism in group show

(Frankfurt, Germany)

It took Paulo Nazareth six and a half months, almost 500 miles and losing 15 pounds to get to New York. The Herculean effort was part of the “Notícias de América” (“News from America”) project, which, developed in 2011 by the winner of the last edition of PIPA Prize, consisted in going, by foot or hitchhiking, from Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais, in the Brazilian South-East, all the way to the Big Apple.

The PIPA Prize 2016 winner joins another two so-called nomads Cao Fei and Richard Mosse in “Extreme. Nomads”, which opened at MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main last Wednesday, May 23rd. Coming from different continents (Fei is Chinese; Mosse is British-American, and Nazareth is Brazilian), the three artists investigate the contemporary forms of nomadic existence, investigating both globalisation and the boundaries they trace themselves.

Cao Fei exhibits “Haze and Fog”, a fictional portrayal of a service-based society that is suffering from a loss of identity and transforms one of the newly built residential areas on the threshold of Beijing into a hoard of restless zombies. Inspired by US-zombie movies, the work processes the profound social changes that occurred in her homeland China as a result of rapid economic growth and globalisation.

Richard Mosse presents two works in the show: “Incoming” and “The Castle”. While the first, a film installation, documents the journeys of refugees into Europe, the second, based on photography, investigates the condition of the camps and staging sites in which they reside. Mosse has employed a military-grade thermographic surveillance camera in both works, subverting weaponized photographic technologies to confront the viewer and refresh documentary forms.

Last but not least, Paulo Nazareth’s long walks – asides from the distance from Brazil to the US, he has traversed through countries and continents around the world on foot – discusses encounters, resistance, colonial history and globalism, connecting individuals, communities and countries beyond their national borders through his work. See some images of the works exhibited in the show:

“Extreme. Nomads”, group show featuring Cao Fei, Paulo Nazareth and Richard Mosse
On view from May 24th through September 9th

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