Maura Grimaldi, Untitled, 2015

Watch another four video-interviews with this edition’s nominees

Another four video-interviews with the artists nominated for the ninth edition of the Prize have been published this week! In the videos below, Luiz Olivieri, Manoela Medeiros, Matheus Rocha Pitta and Maura Grimaldi discuss their work, career, inspirations and much more in exclusive interviews, produced by PIPA Prize in partnership with Do Rio Filmes.

Luiz Olivieri

Luiz Olivieri was only five or six years old when he was first introduced to the mysteries of sound. At the time, his teacher asked him and his fellow classmates do explore the mechanical movement of several vandalized, broken musical instruments, connecting the dots between what they saw and heard. The experience germinated in Olivieri, who now produces sound installations, videos and sculptures. Most of those works are born from walking around the town and recording its sounds with unusual microphones: “I’m surprised by the sounds that I hear, which stimulate my imagination.”

Manoela Medeiros

To reveal layers, uncovering new histories and retelling them. The almost archeological process of excavation guides Manoela Medeiros’ practice, the younger artist nominated for PIPA Prize 2018. At times using the space she dug, at times, the fragments taken away from it, Medeiros also frequently inserts her own body into this game, investigating themes such as time, space, emptiness and invisibleness.

Matheus Rocha Pitta

“I don’t have a goal. That’s not that,” states the PIPA Prize 2012 finalist and fourth-time nominee Matheus Rocha Pitta. Author of heavily political works, he says artistic creation represents for him a way (perhaps the only one) to deal with reality in all this complexity, “Little by little, in the dark, I build something. Many times I invite the public to relate to the work. You have to be comfortable with your own ignorance to be able to go inside the project.”

Maura Grimaldi

The concept of image and its creation through optical devices form the center of Maura Grimaldi’s investigation. Mixing academic research, literary references, and experimentations with cameras, magic lanterns, and technologies many times obsolete, her work develops through multiple platforms and media: “I blend languages. It’s very hard to circumscribe it.”

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