Carla Zaccagnini, view of "Elements of Beauty", 2015, MASP, São Paulo, Brazil Veja SP

Carla Zaccagnini participates in “Out of Words”

(Göteborg, Sweden)

Sometimes, words are not enough. What to do then? The limits of language are explored by three international artists in “Out of Words”, on view at Röda Sten Konsthall since the beginning of June.

One of the works exhibited in the show is Carla Zaccagnini’s installation “Elements of Beauty”, subtitled “A tea set is never only a tea set”. Consisting on black outlines on the walls where artworks were supposed to be hanged, the piece revisits the stories of a certain wing of the suffragette movement which, by 1913-14, attacked and vandalized celebrated works (Velazquez’s Rockeby Venus being one of them) in British public museums. Their choice for destructing images was taken when the frustration for not being heard in their pledge for justice reached a limit. The work thus explores the power of gestures and images over words, and of words over images.

Asides from Zaccagnini, Mexican and Turkish artists Carlos Amorales and Erkan Özgen also take part in the exhibition. The first presents “Life in the folds”, an installation centred in an undecipherable alphabet, used to tell the story of an immigrant family that arrives in a hostile village. The second screens the video “Wonderland”, in which 13-years-old Muhammed narrates the traumas he experience during the war through his bodily gestures.

Together, the three works point out to alternative forms of communicating which can produce horizons of meaning ordinary language cannot even anticipate. After all, communication is by no means a job of  the voice or the written word alone. Instead, sometimes gestures and even silence can be a thousand times more eloquent.

From left to right: works by Zaccagnini, Amorales, and Özgen showcased in “Out of Words”.

“Out of Words”, group show featuring Carla Zaccagnini, Carlos Amorales and Erkan Özgen
On view from June 9th through August 19th, 2018

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