assume vivid astro focus (avaf), "Avalanches volcanoes asteroids floods", 2016

Last artists’ pages belonging to this edition’s nominees updated

Finishing up the series of posts on the updates of this year nominees’ artists’ pages, we present the pages of another ten participants: Arjan Martinsassume vivid astro focus (avaf)/Eli SudbrackDeyson Gilbert, Gustavo Torres, Paula Krause, Regina Parra, Romy Pocztaruk, Vivian Caccuri, Yuri Firmeza and Zé Carlos Garcia. Through these pages, which keep being updated throughout the years, it is possible to get a comprehensive overview of the trajectory of each nominated artist. They also compose one of the richest databases on Brazilian contemporary art available for research on the Internet. Click on the artist’s name to be redirected to his/her page.

Arjan MartinsThe PIPA Prize veteran Arjan Martins was nominated for the award for the sixth time this year. His page features three critical texts: one written by the current Curator-in-Chief of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, Fernando Cocchiarale, and two by the PIPA Institute Curator, Luiz Camillo Osorio, both originally published on our websites.

assume vivid astro focus (avaf)/Eli Sudbrack – founded by Eli Sudbrack, avaf alternates between becoming a collective and an individual art project. The abundance of colours and shapes and the variety of media with which its works are build result in immersive, large-scale installations. His pages is among the most complete artist’s pages in the whole PIPA Prize platform, featuring clipping, videos, updated curriculum, critical text and a statement written by the artist himself.

Deyson Gilbert – Nominated for PIPA Prize for the second time, Deyson Gilbert’s works part from the combination of diverse (and sometimes quite ordinary) elements which refer to matters of tension in the collective social imaginary, leading to debates on image and politics. Forty-two artworks image were added to his page, as well as an updated curriculum.

Gustavo Torres – Interested in sound and its connection to the space, first-time PIPA Prize nominee Gustavo Torres develops installations and propositions which involve sound and image. His page includes 52 artwork images, critical texts, curriculum, videos, besides a video-interview for PIPA Prize 2018 conceived and developed by the artist himself.

Paula KrauseThe artist develops works mainly tied to the field of performance, where she explores matters related to the body and photography. Her page got new artworks images and an updated biography.

Regina Parra – Nominated for PIPA Prize for the third time this year, the artist’s practice involves painting, photography and video and reflects on the history of violence, of segregation, and of the invisibilization processes which befall a great percentage of Brazilian population. Her page features three critical texts, artwork images and a biography.

Romy PocztarukThe artist’s works propose possible connections between multiple fields and disciplines (such as the Sciences and the Communications) and artworld, a process which results in poetic works in different media. Her page presents artwork images and a brief description of her trajectory as an artist up to today.

Vivian CaccuriParticipating in PIPA Prize for the third time, her production experiments with sound. It through that media that the artist creates new perceptive experiences, reflecting on social and historical conditioning. Her page includes video interviews, clipping, updated curriculum and artwork images.

Yuri Firmeza – The artist, who runs for the Prize for the fifth time this year, works between video, performance and photography. His production generally explores the boundaries between fiction, possibilities, and realities through critical, many times ironic images. Those can be seen in his page together with a clipping and an updated curriculum.

– Zé Carlos Garcia – Through sculpture and installation, the artist, who participated in the Prize for the first time, investigates the connections between men and animals, science and art. His page presents 27 artwork images, nine critical texts, video-interviews and an updated curriculum.

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