Romy Pocztaruk, "A última aventura, Rurópolis IV", 2011

More video-interviews with the artists nominated for PIPA Prize 2018

We published another four video-interviews with the PIPA Prize 2018 nominees this week. Produced in partnership with Do Rio Filmes, they give a glimpse of the works, career, inspirations and much more of André Griffo, David Almeida, Vanderlei Lopes and Romy Pocztaruk. The latter was, by the way, announced last week as one of the four PIPA Prize 2018 finalists (see here). Watch them below:

André Griffo

Each and every one of André Griffo’s works begins with space. It is thus only after he feels a connection with a given place (be it indoors or outdoors) that he decides to symbolically take possession of it, modifying it through painting, drawing or installation. Griffo is, after all, a former architect. His career shift was motivated by the realization he wanted to investigate other themes and matters besides architecture in life and, as he puts it, “the plastic arts permeate all subjects”

David Almeida

“My work begins when I leave home in the morning and follow a non-linear route through the city,” defines David Almeida. With a practice based on the relations between men and space, especially the urban one, he investigates themes such as presence and absence, enclosure and freedom, stiffness and driftage, using media such as drawing, photography, performance and, above all, painting.

Romy Pocztaruk

“I work with ideas,” clarifies Romy Pocztaruk in the very beginning of her video-interview. One of the four PIPA Prize 2018 finalists, the artist is used to carrying long researches before actually producing her works. Such was the case of the series “A Última Aventura”, for which she prepared by studying in depth the history and the impact of the Transamazonic highway months before actually landing in the region, in the 2011. Perhaps because of this mostly conceptual practice, she says she never sticks to a single media or creative process: “Each work has a particular need.”

Vanderlei Lopes

Vanderlei Lopes works in the intersection between a number of languages, such as drawing, photography, sculpture, and video. However, no matter the media he chooses to work on, his practice is always dialoguing and questioning artistic traditions conventions. Such was the case, for example, of his installation “Domo”, showcased at a chapel in São Paulo. The work was composed of a fallen dome built on clay, on one room, and the sculpture’s project, in bronze, on the next. “I believe my work tries to deal with and, in a certain way, to implode these pre-established notions of art.”

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