Marilá Dardot, "Saudade (Our Flags)", 2018 Marilá Dardot

Marilá Dardot premieres her first exhibition in the United States

(Saratoga, USA)

The Montalvo Art Center will present the group exhibition “Art on the ground: New Commissions 2018” starts on July 20th, ending on September 28th. The program features three newly-commissioned works by Lucas Artists Fellows: an innovative sonic journey of a woodland trail, a communally planted peace garden, and a large-scale art installation. The opening outdoor festival, “We the People”, which happens on July 20th, is the official debut of these three works, and will also include a showcase of poetry and performance.

Besides the PIPA Prize nominee Marilá Dardot, there will be the artworks of Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, one of the most significant artists to emerge from post-Revolutionary Cuba and award-winning US composer Howard Hersh.

Celebrating the beauty, mystery, and magic of the forest, the tour will lead hikers through Montalvo’s redwood canyons and oak-lined meadows. Hersh will present then his geolocation technology to create a sonic journey through earbuds of smartphones, as his new sound work “Four Bridges”.

Campos-Pons’s communal performance “Imole Blue II. Field of Memories” will result in a new peace garden for the Art Center. The garden layout will be based on a scaled-down version of a floor plan from a typical Bay Area home combined with elements drawn from an aerial photograph of Soviet medium-range ballistic missile installations taken during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

In her United States debut, Marilá Dardot will premiere a new large-scale installation work, “Saudade (our flags)”. Featuring flags created by first-generation immigrants living in the South Bay, Dardot longs to amplify the voices and experiences of San Jose’s varied immigrant communities and honor the challenges of their experience, keeping in mind the context of a divisive national conversation about immigrants and American identity.

Irrefutably, these new works try to pose questions about identity, its meaning and its relationship to place, exploring how the politics of mobility have always been entangled in the politics of difference; an observation that continues to resonate in the current moment and so its matter to be brought to light.

“Art on the Grounds: New Commissions 2018”, featuring Marilá Dardot, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, and Howard Hersh.
Opening event on July 20th, 6:30 pm.
On view from July 20th to September 28th
Working hours: Sun-sat

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