2nd round of PIPA Online 2018 | See the last scoreboard on the last day of voting

The 2nd round of PIPA Online 2018 ends today at midnight. Íris Helena is still the most voted artist, with 1523 votes, and Babu78, currently in the second place, with 1158 votes. They run, as well as the other six artists qualified in the 1st round (namely, Ana PrataAnna Costa e Silva,  DesaliDaniel EscobarDavid AlmeidaRodrigo Linhares and Tiago Tosh) for donations of R$10,000 and R$5,000 given to the first and second most voted artists in the competition, respectively.

It’s also important to remember that all the 60 artists who participated in the 1st round of PIPA Online can still receive votes in the 2nd round, including the non-qualified artists. They run for an incentive of R$2,000, to be given to either the third most voted artist among the qualified for the 2nd round, or to the most voted artist among the other 51 non-qualified artist – whoever has the greatest number of votes. It’s important to stress that only the nine artists qualified for the 2nd round are still running for the R$10,000 and R$5,000 donations reserved to the official winners of the 2nd round of PIPA Online 2018.

View the current scoreboard:
(Votes calculated at 3:10 pm, August 5th)

Artists qualified for the 2nd round of PIPA Online 2018:

Íris Helena – 1523
Babu78 – 1158
Ana Prata – 944
Anna Costa e Silva – 915
Daniel Escobar – 903
Rodrigo Linhares – 887
David Almeida – 802
Desali – 771
Tiago Tosh – 748

Artists running for the extra incentive:

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