Meet PIPA Online 2018 winners

PIPA Online 2018 had a total of 18 days of voting and impressive 29.886 votes calculated throughout the 1º and 2º round, distributed among the 60 participants in the category. By the end of the voting, on August 5th, Íris Helena won in first place with 1659 and will be awarded with R$10 thousand. Babu78 won in second place with 1217 votes and will be awarded with R$5 thousand. Both artists will donate a work to PIPA Institute (to be defined as a mutual agreement between the artists and the Coordination of the Institute).

This year, we also have a third place: Daniel Escobar, who accumulated 1179 votes, will receive an extraordinary incentive of R$ 2 thousand. The extra donation was introduced in PIPA Online 2018 as a way of raising the benefits of the voting, aiming to reinforce the mission of  promoting Brazilian contemporary art through the unlimited reach of the Internet. All the 60 artists who participated in the 1st round of the competition were running for the incentive, including the nine artists who obtained over 500 votes and were classified for the 2nd round. Only the classified artists, however, were running for the R$10,000 and R$5,000 donations reserved for the official winners of the 2nd round of PIPA Online 2018.

Meet PIPA Online 2018 winners


Íris Helena – João Pessoa, Brazil, 1987 | Winner in the first place of PIPA Online 2018

The artist is interested in the critic, poetic and aesthetic investigation of the urban landscape that results from a collection of experiences in the city. Her works develop into different media – from toilet and paper receipt notes to page markers and metallic medicine blisters. The precarious, common materials imply the possibility of the (re)construction of memory tied to the instability, fragility and, above all, oblivion.

Babu 78 – Cuiabá, Brazil, 1978 | Runner up of PIPA Online 2018

Babu78 is a visual and graffiti artist whose production is divided between the canvas and the wall, the studio and the street. Through the graffiti painting, the artist seeks to break the isolation of the city’s outskirts by taking social denouncements to the walls of the city that portrait the  life of those living on the outskirts of luck and their own rights. The urban landscape is his media to protest, art and dialogue.

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Daniel Escobar – Santo Ângelo, Brazil, 1982

Graduated in Visual Arts from Instituto de Artes da UFRGS, Brazil, the artist’s research addresses questions related to the multiple devices of capitalism (publicity, real estate capital, turism market, fake news and the idea of connection) by creating a visual landscape inhabited by desires and consumption dreams.


About PIPA Online

PIPA Online is the category of the Prize in which all participating artists of this current edition are invited to participate. Participation is no mandatory. The winner is defined by the number of votes received on his/hers page, here on the website. The main objective is to support and promote all nominees and Brazilian contemporary art through the internet.

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