Opavivará!, "Transnomades"

“Transnomades”: enjoy Nyon for four days with Opavivará!

(Nyon, Switzerland)

Would you imagine yourself taking a shower in the middle of the street? Or maybe a nap? Creating recreational areas on roundabouts and temporary “swap shops”, is what the art collective from Rio de Janeiro Opavivará! does better. Their goal is to change the way people look to the urban collective area and then enjoy it as a more welcoming, eco-friendly and generous form of citizenship.

The delightful feeling of disrupting the private/public relationship shows up in “Transnomades”, on view for the Far° Festival, mobile devices from our daily routine are transferred and therefore, transformed, to give them new purposes, both strange and familiar.

While moving for four days in Nyon, everyone’s invited to participate, turn it on, move it, use it, activate it somehow. Meet them in a different place every day: the courtyard at Marchandises, the market, at the beach or at the lakeside.

“Transnomades”, urban intervention by the collective Opavivará!
On view from August 17th through August 21st, 2018

Far° Festival
5, rue des Marchandises, Nyon
Fri, 7 pm to 12 am, at Cour des Marchandises
Sat, 10 am to 3 pm, at Marché
Sun, 2 pm to 7 pm, at Plage des Trois-Jetées
Mon, 5 pm to 9 pm, at Quais de Rive
Free access at all times
T: +41 22 365 15 50

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