Carla Zaccagnini reflects on collective communication on “Shout fire”

(Göteborg, Sweden)

The new exhibition in which Carla Zaccagnini participates in gathers multiple sings and metaphors of life, such as circles and the Sun. The collective embrace with these symbols some values of group power, the feminine, energy and the relation, some communication, between these signs. Hence, “Shout fire” brings not only the idea of spreading information but also the relevance of connecting and exchanging this communication.

Individually and following this subject, Carla purposes a Phonetic Alphabet with words of international significance. This concept comes from the alphabets created during world wars from the last century in which some words would represent their initial letter, in order to avoid misinterpretations and mistakes.

Into her work “Applied Phonetic Alphabet VIII”, Carla utilizes into her alphabet terms from Greek and Latin languages that used to represent scientific and mythological expressions that, later, became daily words. Besides, she also applies cultural-specific terms that must be contextualized and, finally, expressions that are widely worldwide spread.

The collective also presents Felipe Mujica, Joar Nango, Mary Coble and Annika Lundgren.

 “Shout fire”, collective with Carla Zaccagnini, Felipe Mujica, Joar Nango, Mary Coble and Annika Lundgren
Curated by Mariangela Méndez Prencke
From September 1st to November 18th

Röda Sten Konsthall
Röda Sten Konsthall, Röda Sten, 414 51 Göteborg, Sweden
Opening hours: Tue, Thu, Fri – 12 pm -5 pm; Wed: 12 pm – 8 pm; Sat – Sun, 12 pm -6 pm
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