Henrique Oliveira’s site specific: studies for Villa Aymoré

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The new Henrique Oliveira’s site specific to Villa Aymoré was idealized to fit the stairs of PIPA Institute and Arte Clube Jacarandá. However, the “Tapumes” have not ever been thought to occupy transitory spaces. As the artist said in the interview with the curator of PIPA Institute Luiz Camillo Osório, in February, the project started as an experimentation with wood, its form, texture, and colors. The artist used to develop structures whose marks represented the passage of time and, by that time, he used to expose them on walls and ceilings.

Solely after Henrique Oliveira started to expand the dimensions of the “Tapumes”, the structures got architectonic and interactive notions. After that, Oliveira claims that each artwork started to be designed individually, into their own site context. Therefore, he passed from plain superficies to convex and rounded curves. Finally, Henrique Oliveira goes further and creates pieces with external and internal dimensions, in which one may get inside or see from the outside into divergent experiences.

Read again Henrique Oliveira’s interview, in February, and discover more about the artist’s trajectory:

Below, more pictures of the study for the “Tapume” specially designed to Villa Aymoré stairs, after October:

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